The Charity of Sir Thomas White, Warwick

Student Loans

The Charity of Sir Thomas White, Warwick provides interest-free loans for young people undertaking tertiary education courses in respect of which central government grants may not be available.

The Charity was endowed by indenture in 1551 by Sir Thomas White, a most generous local benefactor. The Charity now operates under a new Scheme, revised in 2001.

Eligible candidates can borrow up to £1,500 per year for each year of their course, depending on the length of course and course requirements.

To be eligible for a loan you must be over 18 and under 35, and either you or your parents live within the old Borough of Warwick, i.e. with a CV34 postcode.

How it works

  1. Telephone 01926 350555 for application details, or download the application form below.
  2. When completed, return the application form together with details of your course to be undertaken and your financial requirements for the duration of the course.
  3. Two adults to guarantee repayment of your loan are required and each of them must complete the Guarantor Questionnaire attached to the application form below.
  4. An interview will then be arranged with a small panel of Trustees to discuss your requirements.
  5. If successful you will be required to sign a Loan Agreement in which you promise to repay the loan and your guarantors will be required to sign a Deed of Guarantee in which they agree to guarantee your performance and obligations under the terms set out in the loan documents.
  6. Repayment of the loan will commence 12 months after the final loan instalment has been paid, by Banker's Order over a period of up to 5 years.

What to do now

If you are interested in applying for a loan or require further information, telephone Belinda Shuttleworth the Clerk to the Charity on 01926 350555 or download the application form above.

Ensure that you have thought through your financial requirements for the duration of the course to be undertaken, in order that you can show the Trustees and your guarantors the validity of your proposals:

  • Where is your course to be undertaken?
  • What qualification will you achieve?
  • What is the duration of the course?
  • Have you been accepted on to the course?
  • What other grants will you benefit from?
  • What other loans are you committed to?
  • What financial assisstance do you need while undertaking the course?
  • What are your ambitions after completing the course?
  • What do you consider will be your future earning capacity?
  • Are you confident that you will be able to repay the loan?

You will need the answers to these questions.

Return the application form with your proposals, and we will invite you to attend an interview.

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